“So…” I started to talk. I paused for five seconds, she hmm-ed at the delay. “This isn’t going anywhere, right?” That was not supposed to be a question, whether she answered or not, I already knew what she would say. I knew sooner or later it would happen.

“I don’t know.” She looked at the wall, the white wall with a picture of dinosaurs we were drawn together two months ago. It didn’t really look like dinosaurs, more like an abstract creature from a distant planet but we liked it a lot. I remember that day, when we finished it she laughed on how bad our drawing skill was. I grinned and we stared at each other for two minutes and it felt incredible. Today she can’t even look me in the eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed. “Do you love me?” I hated when she asked that kinda question. “Do you?” I asked her back. I decided not to answer her question since she knew better what I felt. “I loved you.” Her tears didn’t stop falling. “Loved?” I tried to calm. “There is something wrong with me. I tried to fight this but I can’t take this anymore. I know I won’t be the same without you and I know that my life will be less interesting without you. But we need to stop this. I hate this feeling. I don’t want to be like this.” She cried. I dared myself to hug her and we kissed. Her lips tasted like cinnamon.

“What now, Jane?” I asked and rubbed her hair slowly. “I won’t leave you. I can’t stop and I don’t want to stop this. We can work this out. Together like we used to. Remember?” My tears started to fall. For about six months we were together and it was really beautiful. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

She wiped her tears and said, “No, Lisa. We can’t be together.”

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